‘Media Survey’ is an independent organization staffed by a group of young experienced in digital media analysis.
The main objective of the ‘Media Survey’ is to conduct a transparent survey of the domestic media and to point out the mistakes of each, highlight the successes and show a comparative picture between each other.

We are currently running a survey on three topics across all media and digital platforms in the country. They are:
1. Position of media in Facebook engagement
2. Position of media on YouTube
3. Website Ranking.

‘Media Survey’ does not conduct any survey out of loyalty to anyone or in exchange of money or fabricated by themselves. The survey is done here in a completely digital system. All data is collected separately from each platform through digital data collection system and then comparative survey is made. So there is no possibility of any mistake in the mentioned data. Even if this information is wrong or correct, everyone can check it through their own platform’s analytics system.

About 1 year ago today, the journey of media survey, for a long year we only researched, worked to define the survey methodology and focused on creating a digital platform and built an efficient team.

At present ‘Media Survey’ is working only with domestic media but very soon it is going to include foreign media. All digital content platforms, small and large, will also be included.

The ‘Media Survey’ platform has a team of experienced professionals who have worked on various digital platforms in the workplace and have contributed a lot to the development of digital media in the country. Therefore, ‘Media Survey’ through experts will try to give proper guidance on how to improve the weak aspects of various media.

Our Team

Salauddin Salim

Founder and Chief Editor

Abul hasnat

Senior Editor & YouTube Analysis Expert

Mohammad Abu Syeed

Senior Editor & Website Analysis Expert

Istiak ahmed

Senior Developer