Sheikh Siraj is in the list of top YouTubers of the country

Recently, a survey was conducted among the top 50 YouTubers in the Bangladesh by Media Survey to select the top YouTubers. Popular journalist and media personality Sheikh Siraj is in the 4th position in this survey.
Taking a top position as a YouTuber among a bunch of young YouTubers in the country is another new identity of the ever young Sheikh Siraj apart from the identity of a media worker. About 10 years ago, Sheikh Siraj personally started YouTubing. The content uploaded by Shaikh Siraj of ‘Soil and Man’ fame is also about soil and man. Basically, he highlighted the various successes of agriculture and entrepreneurs and their activities in his contents. Also, Sheikh Siraj created content with farmers from different regions of the country. Shaikh Siraj is an example in Youtube Platform competing with the younger generation. He has proved that age is not a barrier to become a YouTuber, only quality content can reach a wide audience. The content created by him on one hand is making a huge contribution to the agricultural revolution, on the other hand it can be said that his YouTube channel has contributed a lot to the creation of entrepreneurs.

Shaikh Siraj’s YouTube channel has uploaded around 1030 videos so far and he uploads an average of 10 to 15 videos per month which is more than the top YouTubers in the country.
This channel has more than 3 million subscribers.
The channel averages over 95 million views per month and has a total of over 48 million views.

Sheikh Siraj started his YouTube channel on January 1, 2012. Out of 1030 content uploaded here, 80 have over million view content and the most viewed content has 33 million views.

How Media Survey YouTube Ranking is done-
Media Survey conducts surveys between date 1st to 5th of every month. The number of subscribers is not the only priority in the survey, because 100% of YouTube channel subscribers are never active. Some subscribers are fake and some are dead i.e. inactive subscribers. So the best YouTuber of the month selection is based on how much effort a YouTuber is putting into his channel every month, how the audience perceives him, etc.

That’s why we give importance to 3 things –

  1. How many videos a YouTuber uploads per month? 2. How many views per month and 3. How many new subscriptions are added per month? We select the best YouTuber who is the highest in these three measures. We named this rank MS Rank (Media Survey Rank).

[Shaikh Siraj Born: September 7, 1954 (age 67), Chandpur District
He received the Freedom Award in 2018 for his contribution to agriculture journalism.]

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